Dawn Heidlebaugh - Design Realtor Group

Making Her Big Move

After seven years as a local real estate agent, Dawn Heidlebaugh has decided to grow her business with The Danberry Company. She has developed a team, Designer Realtor Group, and joining her are licensed agent Shantell Hartley and two others currently studying for their state and national exams. She has plans to continue to interview and hire dynamic individuals to join their team.

Not only is Dawn a Realtor, but her family owns and operates Heidlebaugh Family Farms. Her husband, Kyle is third and with their daughters Lexis and Chloe, now fourth-generation Hancock County farmers. The farming community looks to Dawn for their land buying or selling needs. She understands agriculture financing, surveys, tile maps, soil samples, and yield potential that all farmers need to know while buying or selling farm ground. She knows the questions to ask to ensure that her buyers and sellers have the best possible transactions.

As a wife, mom, stepmom, and now grandma (Ya-Ya) to her precious Rory, she is absolutely dedicated to helping you and your family fi nd the perfect home. If you want to sell, Dawn and her team will go above and beyond to get your home sold. Her innovative “out of the box” marketing strategies make her stand out from other agents. Designer Realtor Group has the answers clients need when it comes time to buy or sell. Whether you are a long-time homeowner, have bought and sold several homes or a fi rst-time home buyer her team will always be there to guide you to a successful closing.

7 Tips for Selling Your Home in Hancock County, OH: What You Need to Know About Curb Appeal, Staging, Pricing and Finding the Right Agent

Hancock County, OH, with its vibrant communities and scenic landscapes, is a sought-after real estate hub. But selling your home here, as anywhere, requires strategic preparation. From ensuring your home looks inviting to finding the right agent, here are seven tips to help you sell your home swiftly and at the right price.

1. Prioritize Curb Appeal:

First impressions count. Potential buyers will judge your home even before they step inside. Spruce up your front yard, maintain a manicured lawn, repaint your front door and replace outdated mailbox or house numbers. A captivating exterior can significantly boost interest.

2. Stage Your Home:

Staging showcases the potential of your home. Declutter rooms, add fresh flowers and ensure each space is well-lit. You want buyers to visualize themselves in your home, so consider depersonalizing spaces while still keeping them warm and inviting.

3. Price It Right:

Overpricing can make your property linger on the market, while underpricing might make you lose out on potential profit. Conduct a comparative market analysis or consult with a trusted real estate agent to find that pricing sweet spot.

4. High-Quality Photos Matter:

In today’s digital age, most buyers will first encounter your home online. Invest in professional photography to ensure your home looks its best. Showcase different areas of your house, especially the key features.

5. Make Necessary Repairs:

Address any pending home repairs – leaky faucets, broken windows or chipped paint. Not only do these repairs eliminate potential negotiation points, but they also present your home as well-maintained and move-in ready.

6. Be Flexible with Showings:

The more people see your home, the higher the chances of securing a sale. Be accommodating with your showing times, ensuring potential buyers can view your property at their convenience.

7. Choose the Right Agent:

Perhaps the most critical step is finding a knowledgeable, local real estate agent. An experienced agent, like Dawn Heidlebaugh Realtor, understands the nuances of the Hancock County market. They can provide invaluable insights, from staging tips to pricing strategies, ensuring your home stands out in the listings.

Selling a home is more than just a transaction; it’s a pivotal moment in one’s life. Every decision made during this process lays the foundation for the next chapter in your journey. With the expertise and guidance of Dawn Heidlebaugh Realtor, you’re not only ensured a seamless selling process but also the empowerment to take charge of this significant milestone. As Dawn often says, “This is Your Moment. Own It.” Partner with her, and together, make the most of this transformative time.

The Real Estate Glossary: Commonly Used Terms in the Real Estate World and What They Really Mean

Navigating the world of real estate can often feel like decoding a foreign language. For both seasoned investors and first-time buyers, understanding common terminologies can make the property journey much smoother. Here, Dawn Heidlebaugh Realtor breaks down the key terms every property enthusiast should know.

1. Appraisal:

An evaluation process where a property’s value is determined by a certified professional. The appraiser takes into account the property’s location, its condition and comparable property sales in the area.

2. Closing:

The final and arguably most anticipated step in the property buying process. This is where the transaction is finalized and ownership is officially transferred from seller to buyer.

3. Equity:

The difference between the market value of your property and the outstanding amount you owe on it. As you pay off more of your mortgage or if your property’s value rises, your equity increases.

4. Pre-Approval:

Before you start house hunting, it’s wise to know how much you can borrow. A pre-approval is a written assurance from a lender about the amount they are willing to lend you. It gives you a clear budget and shows sellers you’re a serious buyer.

5. Contingency:

Conditions outlined in a contract that must be met for the transaction to go through. Common contingencies include home inspections, appraisals and securing financing.

6. Escrow:

When you hear the word escrow, think “neutral third party.” In real estate, escrow ensures all parties uphold their end of the bargain. It’s where important items like the earnest money deposit are held until the deal is closed.

7. Fixed-rate vs. Adjustable-rate Mortgages (ARM):

A fixed-rate mortgage has a constant interest rate and monthly payments. In contrast, an ARM has an interest rate that may change periodically, causing monthly payments to increase or decrease.

8. Title:

The document that provides proof of ownership of a property. When you buy a home, the title is transferred to your name, ensuring you’re the recognized owner.

9. Underwriting:

Once you’ve applied for a mortgage, your application will go to an underwriter. This process involves verifying your financial information and assessing the risk of giving you a loan. If everything checks out, you’ll be approved!

10. Realtor vs. Real Estate Agent:

While these terms are often used interchangeably, there’s a distinction. All Realtors are real estate agents, but not all agents are Realtors. Realtors are members of the National Association of Realtors and adhere to its strict code of ethics.

Armed with this glossary, you’re better equipped to navigate the real estate waters. Remember, understanding is the first step toward making empowered decisions. And when you’re ready to dive into the property market, having an expert like Dawn Heidlebaugh Realtor by your side can make the experience seamless and successful.